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Atticus/Finch is pleased to announce the release of its second chapbook: Elizabeth Willis’ Meteoric Flowers.

Printed in an edition of 200 copies with elegantly letter-pressed covers, Meteoric Flowers is the first new work from Willis since 2003’s Turneresque.

In this new volume, Elizabeth Willis’ lyric maelstroms are at once rooted in a lost pastoral economy, dripping with the lush language of the green-world, "the horns of august, the / downward tree...The nerve-like system in the page," only to dismantle the bucolic from the inside out.

Jack Collom writes of Meteoric Flowers:

Elizabeth Willis is one of the very best young writers in America. "The word ‘delicious’ has never been redder." That’s her, slicing delight into danger, but we can say it of "Meteoric Flowers" too. Her prose-poems are box-shaped but inside the box she accomplishes passionately crazy-like-a-fox swirls and connections. Listen to her bop speech rhythms: "Blossom machines. Sure, I’ll carry your latest worry, sorry it’s not dripping in your favorite green" (from the title piece). Which leads omnidirectionally to nature: Within the near-squares a whole lot of curves are thrown: continual yokings of off-opposites, forming a kind of surreal critique of ourselves vis-à-vis the rest of it. Solid is suddenly revealed as liquid. Whipcracks occur but mystery lingers. A book that leaves you gasping for more."

And a word from Lisa Jarnot:

I think that these poems were written by William Blake upon his return from deep space, or maybe they were written by my friend Elizabeth Willis who moves at the speed of light and takes dictation from the angels. It’s even possible that these meteoric flowers have descended to permanently reconfigure the brain waves of all sentient life on earth.

These chapbooks are only available via mail-order and only six bucks! Geez!.

To order, please send six dollars (well concealed cash/check) and a nice note to:

Michael Cross
Atticus/Finch Chapbooks
SUNY Buffalo
306 Clemens Hall
Buffalo NY 14260-4610

Atticus/Finch is committed to publishing important new work in elegant, affordable editions (even by poets’ standards). We are likeable, and we share your philosophy (whatever it may be) because we want you to buy our books. Bye now.

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