Check out this review of "Involuntary Vision" at Rain Taxi Online: http://www.raintaxi.com/online/2004spring/cross.shtml


Mark Tardi responds to my query (see post: Tues. March 23rd):

You asked about the Hildegaard von Bingen poem at the end, "Eventual Horizon." Structurally, I was aiming at certain approximations of her plain chants, both their disruptiveness and their flatness. And of course there's something disquieting about her chants, a morbid quality. But silence seemed equally important, how it moves, can simply wait for you to offer whatever you like. As is typical of me, the Hildegaard
qualities were inflected with plenty of other lenses. Rimbaud and HD were
lifted in parts; Clara Schumann was on my mind at the time as well. I wrote the
poem in 1999, but in many ways, it was the seed for the book: after I wrote
"Eventual Horizon" I started asking larger questions about parallels, and the
other sections followed.

See Mark Tursi's review of "Involuntary Vision" at Rain Taxi Online: www.raintaxi.com/online/2004spring/



If you've wanted to purchase a copy of Cynthia Sailers' new chapbook "Rose Lungs," but haven't yet got around to making an order, DO SO NOW! I only have a few dozen copies left, and they've been moving quickly! Do yourself a favor and buy one, and then buy one for somebody that is especially nice to you.

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AND, other exciting news:

I begin production in a number of weeks on the next atticus / finch chap: new work by Elizabeth Willis!! Expect to see it sometime in May. And then, and then...


Eli Drabman goes home tomorrow. He was supposed to go home tonight, but I "accidentally" forgot to set the alarm, so he got to stay another day! Opps. He gave a kick ass reading at the Cuneiform/ atticus finch book release party of his long poem _the ground running_. Buffalo might be his new home, no?

Speaking of Cuneiform, go see the website for new books: www.cuneiformpress.com. Kyle is a monster.


Go see the generous review of "Involuntary Vision" at Silliman's blog: www.ronsilliman.blogspot.com. And people, regarding his comment abt. me scaring away BFLO professors: HE'S KIDDING! Yes, Ron Silliman has a sense of humor! I've been receiving concerned messages asking why Ron is calling me out!! He's a serious scholar, a smart poet, and a generous member of the poetry community, AND he has a sense of humor!

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